Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Pink Monogram: Review!

Lately, it seems everywhere you go you see someone with a monogrammed item such as a bag or a necklace. Monogramming has become quite popular over the past year and so many business have began because of it. However, The Pink Monogram has been in the business for the past six years and they offer over 2000+ monogrammed and engraved gifts online and in their brick and mortar locations.

Owned by Monica Smith The Pink Monogram has original and creative items. You can find item for all areas of your house and all aspects of your life. Her items are so popular even Oprah Magazine mentioned them in the July issue! I really enjoyed browsing the website and looking at all the unique items and if I had an endless supply of money I would definitely purchase a variety of items from The Pink Monogram.

Here are a few of my favorite items:

The Pink Monogram offered to send me a Monogrammed Market Tote in black with blue monogramming which retails for $35.00. I included a photo below of the product I received and I must say reeving this was a lifesaver. I was able to put a bunch of my son's toys in this tote and carry them from one room to the other. This tote is available for purchase in six colors and it easily collapses to fit in any flat storage area. You can use it for your trip to the market or you can use it for other situations such as mine. It would also make the perfect git for a teacher or someone who loves to keep magazines nearby. 


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