Thursday, November 20, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: locket. creates beautiful custom lockets that are professionally lasered onto the metal. Since I was a child I've always pictured having one of my own and I have so many fond memories of my gorgeous mother wearing hers. She received so many compliments and it was the perfect conversation starter.

I've never dealt with laser engraving prior to teaming up with Pictures On Gold and I was extremely concerned of how the finished product would look. After seeing the actual design in person I cannot say I could be any happier. Having this service not only preserves memories but saves a photo from fading or falling out.  This is the perfect heirloom to pass down from one generation to another. Someday, my son will receive this and hopefully pass it on to someone he loves as much I love him.
The packaging and presentation of the locket was superb. And in my opinion, is a fabulous company that makes gorgeous photo jewelry. These lockets would make the perfect Christmas Gift, Anniversary Gift or Memory Keepsake.

How to create your own locket:

First you select from 1000’s of front designs which range from decorative hearts, Nationality symbols, hobbies and more.

Then you upload your photos and resize them as you wish to fit perfectly inside the locket.

Next, there is a personalized engraving option which allows block or script writing, all being designed in front of your eyes.

Then you can preview the final product exactly as it will appear when it arrives to your home.

It’s a simple step-by-step process, easy to use, you become the artist.

An engraved locket is the picture perfect way to show off the one you love and care for. 

Use the Promo Code HOLIDAY 14 at checkout for a 10% discount for all orders placed on our website PicturesOnGold by December 23, 2014

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Signs Your Elderly Relative is Being Bilked Out Of Their Nest Egg

In time for National Caregivers Month, True Link has issued a checklist of senior financial fraud and exploitation “red flags” to watch for. (See below)

When millions of Americans go to Grandma’s house this holiday season, there could be signs of serious financial troubles waiting for them when they get there. Ten percent of people over the age of 60 suffer from some form of financial exploitation every year – including not just con artists, but also predatory marketing practices from retailers and even shady “charities” looking to cash in on the generous holiday spirit.

Those money problems often go unreported because the seniors are too embarrassed to share what happened. But it almost never happens just once – a single incident might be a sign of increased vulnerability, but it has also put mom or dad on someone's target list, and they’re going to come back for more. That’s why it’s important for adult children to keep an eye out for money problems in their elderly parents when you’re home for the holidays this year.

In time for the annual holiday family gatherings and as part of November’s National Family Caregiver Month, which recognizes the efforts and sacrifice of more than 60 million Americans who provide some kind of care for their elderly parents, True Link Financial has put together a checklist of signs of potential money problems that adult children can look for when they visit elderly parents over the holiday.

Red Flags Your Aging Relative is Suffering from Financial Exploitation

1. Missing funds – This is the obvious one. If mom is a victim of elder financial exploitation – whether it's by a family member, a fraud ring, or a predatory marketing scheme – she's going to have less money as a result. Watch for unpaid bills or extra credit cards lying around, and keep an eye on the gifts being given during the holidays. If she’s giving dramatically less or dramatically more this year compared to last year, it could be time to have a conversation and check out her finances.

2. Lots of phone calls from telemarketers – Telemarketers know that older adults are particularly vulnerable to their tactics. And once they discover a viable target the calls can come nonstop, even if your parent is on a Do Not Call list. Take note of how many calls come during your visit. You may be surprised to find out that telemarketers call your parent more often than you or the grand-kids do. Every one of those calls is a financial mishap waiting to happen.

3. New friends – All too often these senior entrapment schemes rely on the perception that the senior is susceptible, isolated, or even lonely. This is a tactic used by con artists, malicious caregivers, predatory telemarketers, and deceptive infomercial offers alike – "Just get the senior talking!" The more they build a trusting relationship, the more likely they are to get their money. If someone is suddenly spending a lot of time with mom or dad, get to know who the person is and what the nature of the relationship is, and it might be a good time to do a quick review of their bank accounts and credit cards.

4. Small clues in conversations – Sometimes if mom says something that doesn't quite make sense, you just brush over it. She mentions her grandson's trip to Mexico and you think to yourself "oh, she must mean Florida and got confused." However, she could be talking about falling victim to the grandparent scam, in which someone posing as a relative in a tough situation cons the elderly person into wiring money abroad.

5. Unusual gifts - Family is often the most important thing to a senior, and so “gifts for family members” are often used as bait for financial entrapment by deceptive merchants. They might offer four for the price of one as part of a misleading sales pitch, and then the other three become gifts for family members. Or a sweepstakes or lottery winnings fraud will claim that a senior is going to get to take their family on an exciting trip abroad.

6. Secrecy – Seniors suffering from financial entrapment often feel fear or shame about the situation they are in. If mom suddenly doesn't want to talk about money anymore, that's exactly the time when maybe you should be having a conversation about money.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Radio Flyer 5- in-1 Family Wagon Review.

No childhood is compete without Radio Flyer. As a child I had a Radio Flyer Tricycle and today my son still enjoys racing through our neighborhood. Throughout the years their have been many changes with the overall design yet the longevity and quality of the brand can still be trusted.

Radio Flyer sent over a 5-in-1 Family Wagon for review and let's just say Aiden was jumping for Joy to open this package. This practical wagons design has become safer and even more comfortable over the years. You'd be amazed at what this wagon has to offer. 

With an overhead canopy that offers UV protection and some pretty nifty cupholders your little ones will be riding in style.The padded seat covers also slip on and off easily and can be washed and have little pockets to hold smaller objects such as a cell phone or keys.

Radio Flyer also prides itself on the new and innovated Dura-Tred tires. These tires are intended to provide you with a smooth and quiet ride. The Radio Flyer 5- in-1 Family Wagon would be a fantastic gift for the litte ones on your list this holiday season. Just imagine creating memories of playing outside, going for walks and possibly passing this down the next generation.

You can purchase the Radio Flyer 5-in-1 Wagon at  ToysRUS. And while your at it you might as well check out the other awesome items offered by Radio Flyer on their website.

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2014 Holiday Products: Radio Flyer.

As we head into Fall it’s that time of year to start thinking about holiday gifts. For nearly 100 years Radio Flyer has been bringing smiles to faces of children and this holiday season, the renowned maker of the little red wagon is offering the latest-and-greatest innovations in children’s toys yet again.  The new line of Radio Flyer products offers great gift options for little ones of all ages.

 Deluxe 4-In-1 Stroll ‘N Trike - $99.99 
9 mo – 5 yrs
·      The Deluxe 4-in-1 Trike offers four ways to ride and converts from an infant trike to a steering trike, learn-to-ride trike, and finally a classic trike.
·      A solid steel frame and adjustable grow-with-me seat allows years of riding.
·      Other additions include parent storage, a removable stroller-style canopy and a removable wrap around tray.

Cyclone - $59.99/ $49.99 at some retailers
3 – 7 yrs
·      The Cyclone, which uses arm powered action to rotate giant, 16” wheels, propels kids to spin 360°, zoom forward or roll in reverse.
·      Molded handgrips allow riders to guide the Cyclone and an ergonomic seat and frame offer a comfortable mission control to take sidewalk, driveways and playgrounds by storm.
·      The cutting-edge design features a sleek, steel frame and non-stop spinning and gliding action.

EZ Fold Wagon - $199.99
1.5 years +
·      The only folding wagon for kids is designed as a full size wagon for 2 kids to ride comfortably.
·      With an easy one-hand fold, you can take or store the wagon anywhere.
·      Two comfortable seats, 4 cup holders, a removable canopy and seatbelts provide a comfortable ride for the kids. 

Deluxe Grandstand Wagon - $149.99
1.5 years +
·      The new Deluxe Grandstand Wagon introduces a new way to use a wagon, and provides three seating options.
·      The first stage allows comfortable seating for two during neighborhood strolls. The flatbed seating provides hauling capacity and naptime comfort, and the newest seating option is bench seating.
·      A removable UV protection canopy provides added comfort for all family activities.

Classic Glide & Go Balance Bike - $79.99
2.5 – 5 yrs
·      Classic Glide & Go Balance Bike with air tires boosts your child’s confidence by providing a more fun and effective way to learn to ride a bike.
·      The pedal-free beginner bike allows children to focus on balance without wobbly and frustrating training wheels.
·      The balance bike features a sturdy wood frame and the comfort seat adjusts to grow with your child.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

LG OLED now @BestBuy #HintingSeason #OLEDatBestBuy

Discover the LG OLED this Holiday Season at Best Buy!

This upcoming holiday season is no different than the years prior. We absolutely love to gift gifts for the entire family to enjoy. This year we will spend Christmas with my mother at her new place and boy are we excited! Aiden and I are looking for the perfect gift for her. I think we might have found it. And can you guess where? At Best Buy of course! Best Buy has everything a new home would need, especially when it comes to entertaining a family. And this season were very interested in the LG OLED.


The LG OLED TV is the ultimate in viewing experiences! And it's very thing, I mean it's super thing. The LG OLED TV is only 0.21" thick at it's finest point. The picture quality is beyond phenomenal, with the Infinite Contrast that ranges from the most blazing whites to the deepest blacks. And, LG's exclusive four color pixel technology not only delivers a bright picture but has vibrant colors to catch anyone's eye. Learn more here: This would be the perfect addition to Grammy's new house!

LG 55EC9300 SKU# 7846019 – OLED TV

Best Buy’s everyday price of $3499.99 (save $500).

· Infinite contrast ratio and stunning color – delivers more natural, lifelike viewing.
· 4 Color Pixel technology enhances color range and accuracy.
· Super thin design
· Find content faster with webOS

LG's latest display technology now offers deeper and richer richer colors with a stunning contrast. If you haven't seen the ingeniously curved screens it's unlike any other technology you've ever seen and delivers a picture that will exceed your wildest imagination. It's something that needs to be seen with your own eyes to understand how amazing it truly is.

Hinting Season is officially here and Best Buy has you covered this holiday season! If you're not sure what to hint for, just take a trip to your local Best Buy and you'll find tons of things to add to that list. And of course, bring your shopping list. Because, at Best Buy you'll find great gifts for everyone at every budget.

Best Buy's hosting an LG OLED Twitter Party on Thursday the 4th of December at 7PM CST. Be sure to join in on the fun for a chance to win Best Buy Gift Cards and other great prizes. Tweet #HintingSeason with the Holiday Gifts that you want from Best Buy.

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Regardless I will always only share with my readers reviews or products that I myself or my family uses. Or products that I know will be beneficial or of interest to my readers.