Thursday, April 23, 2015

My bill #SF306 will become a law tomorrow. #FREEJimmy

Governor Terry E. Branstad « Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Thursday, April 23, 2015
Contact: Governor’s Office, 515-281-5211
Gov. Branstad to sign Senate File 306 Friday at 3 p.m.
Iowa to become first state in the nation with law ensuring visitation rights of adult children to see ailing parents

(DES MOINES) – Iowa Gov. Terry E. Branstad today announced that he will sign Senate File 306 on Friday, April 24, 2015, at 3 p.m. in the Governor’s Formal Office. Senate File 306 is an act relating to communication and visitation between an adult ward and another person.
The governor will be joined by Kerri Kasem, daughter of Casey Kasem, who lobbied for the bill after her late father was moved from his nursing home in California, first to Nevada and then to Washington without his children’s knowledge or consent. Kerri Kasem began lobbying lawmakers in states across the country for legislation that would prevent similar instances. Iowa will become the first state to enact such a bill.
The following event is open to credentialed members of the press:
Friday, April 24, 2015

3 p.m.            Gov. Branstad signs Senate File 306
                        Governor’s Formal Office
                        State Capitol
                        Des Moines, IA

Tarte Asian Yogurt: Culture you can taste.

From one family to families nationwide! Tarte Asian Yogurt is an all-natural French-Vietnamese style yogurt developed by two brothers who gained inspiration from their mom’s homemade Asian yogurt recipe, which they began eating when they were just four and five years old.  In 2010, Winston and Henry started crafting small batches out of their home kitchen and the product is now sold in over 700 stores nationwide - including Whole Foods and Costco!

With a mildly sweet tangy flavor and light creamy texture, Tarte is a refreshing alternative to both Greek and Traditional style yogurts!  Tate is sure to appeal to everyone, from the pickiest of children to the most health conscious food shoppers.

Tarte Asian Yogurt boasts:

  • 2x the protein of traditional American yogurts
  • 2x the calcium of Greek Yogurt
  • 50% less sugar compared to leading Traditional yogurt
  • 25% less sugar compared to flavored Greek yogurt
  • 0 fat
  • Only 110 calories
  • Over 1 billion probiotics per cup
  • All 5 essential electrolytes
Tarté Asian Yogurt flavors include:
  • The Original
  • Strawberry & Guanabana
  • Acai & Blueberry  
  • Mango & Coconut
  • Green Tea & Honey

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sheinside has some great styling pieces for Spring! #Collage

 Good morning everyone! I'm so excited to be doing this blog post today and to start working with Sheinside which is a brand that I love. And we both have very similar motto's where mine is showing women how to be stylish in a budget, theirs is giving women pieces that are on trend while still being on the more inexpensive side.

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Learning to Save Energy at Home

In a 21-st century world, more and more people are concerned about their energy consumption and carbon footprint. Cutting back on usage of energy is a primary goal for every homeowner. Contrary to what you may think, it does not take some very expensive home improvements to reduce your energy consumption. Save energy by following a few simple and easy techniques. Here they are.

Switch Off Lighting and Appliances

You probably know it, but how often do you really unplug your television when not in use? Be honest. If you want to save energy, you have to break your old habits and make new healthy behaviors.

For example, many people tend to leave their portable computers on hibernate mode instead of pressing shut down. It is true that the machines don't consume as much energy as when they are on, but in order to save energy, just make sure to turn your laptop off when it is no longer in use. The same goes for your television, radio set, phone charger, etc. When you leave a room, don't forget to turn off the lights. There is no point in keeping the room lit when no one is there. In the long run, you can save between $80-$100 on a yearly basis and reduce your carbon footprint by keeping appliances switched off. Give it a try.

Prevent Air from Escaping

During winter, it is very easy to lose heat, especially if there are drafts. Air can escape through a window or door. To determine whether this is the case with you, hold your hand against a closed window or door and wait. If cold air is coming, you have a problem. But don't worry. It is easy to fix. Locate any crevices or cracks on floors, skirting boards or window frames and use a sealant or filler to seal them. Additionally, install draft excluders around interior and exterior doors to ensure that warm air does not leave the room.

When you turn your heating appliances on, make sure to draw the curtains (keep blinds down) to prevent warm air from escaping the room. The curtains will act as a temperature buffer. (On sunny days you will want to keep the curtains open to allow more light and help warm up the room naturally.)

Wash Smartly

Wash your clothes economically at reduced temperature – for example, 100 F (40 degrees Celsius) should work just as fine as 140 F (60 degrees Celsius). It will get them clean just the same. Also, don't run your washing machine unless you have a full load. You will use less energy to wash a full load rather than run separate half loads.

When the weather is fine, hang your clothes in the sunshine instead of using the tumble dryer.

Additionally, steer clear of bathing and take a shower instead. You will use less water and hence less electricity. This also applies when washing the dishes by hand. If you don't have a dishwasher, it is wise to fill the sink with water and wash all the plates and cookware there. Also, be sure to stop the water while applying detergent and rubbing with the sponge.

Another clever tip provided by a cleaning company in Stockwell is to place a container under the tap while you wait for hot water. Use the water that poured in the container for other purposes, such as watering the plants, or give it to your pets (but make sure it is warm enough before you do).

Turn Your Thermostat Down

It turns out that you can reduce your energy consumption by simply turning down your thermostat by a few degrees. When it comes to room temperature, you probably won't feel the difference. But as long as energy consumption is concerned, you can save lots of energy in the long run and reduce your energy bills.

See? There are so many easy and clever ways to save energy at home. If you follow these tips, you will end up with smaller energy bills on a yearly basis. This matter is worth considering.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Volume Hair Products

Shop Hair volumizing products online. Volume has tops of the line volumizing shampoo's, conditioners, hair brushes, volumizing powders & hair spray. All natural product that really increase you hair volume & the way it shines.

Getting  hair volume really depends on the hair products you choose to use on your hair. If you are looking for hair products for hair such as conditioner, hair brushes or just a really good hair care tips visit volume blogs. You can now achieve beautiful hair volume with all natural hair care products from volume.

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