Thursday, March 5, 2015

One time opportunity – get access to the top up and coming amazon brands for as low as $1! {PLUS chance to win $250 in amazon credit)

If you’ve been following some of the recent giveaways here on Everything Changes, have we got a treat for you.  After seeing the success of blogs like this, we were able to reach out to some of the top amazon manufacturers and see what we could get going. We were shocked by the results. In some cases they were willing to put up hundreds of products up for everyday people just like you.

It’s just like a giveaway, except for instead of one winner, almost everyone can win. Now it’s not without a catch. First, these are *almost* giveaways that go down as low as $1. The manufacturers need to do this to stay on amazon’s good side. Second, amazon reviews are what’s in it for the manufacturers so if you’re interested you’ll be expected to leave one in a timely manner. But if you’re ok with both of these things, the service is very exciting. For the first month, we have 10 manufacturers giving away literally thousands of dollars worth of products. We have everything ranging from health and fitness products to designer sunglasses coming down the pipeline with more to follow.

You will answer a short survey after signing up to make sure you only see products that are relevant to you. These deals will ONLY be shown through email so if you aren’t on the list, you won’t be able to see them. Also, membership will be closing after this initial launch. This group needs to be kept small and active so everyone can get a shot at the products they want. Click here to sign up (link:

As a special bonus, we’ve decided to put up a $250 gift-card to one lucky winner! The contest is running until 11:45 on Sunday, March 15th and you can get three extra entries for every friend you refer so share the wealth! For more information on how the process works, please visit

Good luck!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Fold Wagon #Review @RadioFlyer

The Ultimate EZ Fold Wagon by Radio Flyer is the perfect wagon for the family on-the-go. Whether you choose to go to the park, school or just out for a stroll around the neighborhood. The EZ Fold Wagon is the only folding wagon which is designed as a full size wagon and seats two kids comfortably. With an easy one-hand fold, this is the ultimate on the go piece for any busy mom. Kids will stroll around in comfort with 4 cup holders and a removable canopy. Like a car the EZ Fold Wagon comes equipped with seat-belts for added safety.

Little man's almost five and while he still physically fits in a stroller he's just "too big" for it. As much as I hated to see it go I'm glad it's gone and it's time to move on to bigger and better things. So we sold the stroller, and on occasions we found our self regretting this. Being 48 lbs he's fairly heavy for a 5'3" female to carry around. His weights beginning to take a toll on my body and I get super tired after long outings to the park, zoo or festivals. After speaking with a few other moms I knew Radio Flyers EZ Fold Wagon would be perfect for our small family.

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Shark® Rotator® Powered Lift-Away® #Review

Recently, we started working on the basement in hopes to make it into a finished basement from a wet basement. Our current vacuum has suffered and deteriorated during this transition. When I received the e-mail opportunity to review the Shark® Rotator® Powered Lift-Away® I didn't hesitate one bit as I'm in the market for a new vacuum. When choosing a vacuum I have to keep in mind that I have a cat a dog let a lone a four year old that causes enough messes to keep me on my toes.

The Shark® Rotator® Powered Lift-Away® is exactly what the doctor order for our heavy traffic home. This vacuum can be used for various purpose. You can easily clean your home with it upright like a standard vacuum cleaner or lift away the canister and wand for freedom to clean in all the hard to reach places. Cleaning the stairs was a breeze and I realized how rough it was to lug around the entire vacuum. The lift away canister is super light weight and can go with me as I move around. If your a pet owner you will absolutely love the True Pet motorized brush. This lighted attachment is wonderful and picks up dog and cat hair leaving me super confident as I'm allergic to cats. And if your as lucky as myself and have hardwood floors you will be impressed with the hard-floor genie attachment which effortlessly picks up dust with a soft fabric cover.

  • Rotator® power nozzle with motorized brush that deep cleans and reaches further under furniture
  • Powerful LED headlights on the nozzle and handle to improve visibility under furniture or in dark, hard-to-see spaces
  • Fingertip Controls for easy transitions between hard floors, carpet and area rugs
  • Additional features include:
    • Hard Floor Genie™ bare floor attachment picks up large debris and fine dust in one easy step
    • Extra-long 30 foot power cord provides maximum range for cleaning large spaces
    • Specialized tools to offer versatility in cleaning include a premium pet power brush, upholstery tool, flexible crevice tool and canister caddy 
  • Available at retailers nationwide starting at $299 MSRP
My clean up routines been simplified with The Shark® Rotator® Powered Lift-Away® and my allergies are under control. Every now and then I find myself making excuses to use it as it's a fun addition to our household. 

Check out others testimonials: 

© Everything Changes I received a free product to help facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and unbiased. For more information please see my disclosure policy located in the PR section of this site.

Monday, February 23, 2015

How to Slow Down Your Life and Enjoy the Ride – Right Now: Steve Gilliland.

4 Considerations To Help You Embrace The
Moment, From Speaker Hall Of Fame Member
It’s finally Friday night, the beginning of a weekend of freedom, which also happens to include your birthday. Your family, friends and spouse all have celebratory plans for you.
You have a rewarding career and a network of beautiful people who want to rejoice in your life. As you walk out to your car to officially kickoff the fun, a giddy thrill washes over you.
But as you click the seatbelt into place, rather than sitting in awe of how lucky you are, a list of concerns begin worming their way into your consciousness: “I need gas, but the conveniently located gas station charges more than others … I hope it’s not a surprise party … Maybe I should get the beverages I like before going home … I haven’t been to the gym all week … Did I pay the electric bill?”
And so it goes.
“I think we’ve all had this experience, which often has us psychically living 30 minutes into the future – no matter how great the present circumstances might be,” says Steve Gilliland (, a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame and author of the widely acclaimed “Enjoy The Ride,” for which he is set to publish a follow-up that will be released in May 2015.
“Are we doomed to this torrent of noise which distracts us from enjoying our life? We don’t have to be.” 

Don’t live your life 30 minutes ahead of the present.
If you won’t live your life now, in the present, then who will?“An older man came up to me, grabbed my hand, and said he wished he’d heard me speak decades ago,” Gilliland says. “After I asked why, he said that when he was eating lunch on break or dinner with his family, he was always thinking about what he had to do after the meal, which represented his daily life. ‘At the age of 97,’ he said, ‘I’ve officially lived my life 30 minutes ahead’ – 30 minutes ahead of whatever he was doing at the moment.”
•  Laugh more! It’s better than crying before you’re hurt. Don’t put your umbrella up until it rains. Worry restricts your ability to think and act effectively, and it forces you to mortgage fear and anxiety about something that may never occur. Laughter is the opposite. When you laugh, you’re living almost completely in the moment, and it’s one of the best feelings you can have.
•  No one can ruin your day without your permission. As much as we cannot control in life – our genes, our past and what has led up to today – there is much control we may take upon ourselves. Today, for example, we can understand that life picks on everyone, so when the going gets tough, we don’t have to take it personally. When we do take misfortune personally, we tend to obsess, giving a legacy to something that may make you a day poorer in life.
•  Cure your destination disease. Live more for today, less for tomorrow, and never about yesterday. How? You might have to repeatedly remind yourself that yesterday is gone forever, yet we perpetually have to deal with now, so why not live it? And what if tomorrow never occurs? There is a difference between working toward the future, which is inherently enjoyable in light of hope, and living in an unrealistic future that remains perpetually elusive. If tomorrow never comes, would you be satisfied with the way today ended?
“It is not how you start in life and it is not how you finish,” Gilliland says. “The true joy of life is in the trip, so enjoy the ride!”

About Steve Gilliland
A member of the National Speaker Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame, Steve Gilliland ( is one of the most in-demand and top-rated speakers in the world. Recognized by his peers as a master storyteller and brilliant comedian, he can be heard daily alongside Jeff Foxworthy and other celebrities on SiriusXM Radio’s Laugh USA and Blue Collar Radio. With an appeal that transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation—plus an interactive and entertaining style—Steve shows audiences how to open doors to success in their careers, their relationships and their lives. He speaks to more than 250,000 people a year and has shared the platform with numerous dignitaries. Also, he is a prolific writer who has achieved popular acclaim with his books “Enjoy The Ride,” “Making a Difference,” and “Hide Your Goat.” His new book “Detour, Developing the Mindset to Navigate Life’s Turns,” which will focus on change, will be released in early May 2015. 

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Perfect for small kitchens: Fagor Halogen Tabletop Oven #Review @fagoramerica

Fagor America will have you covered for all your cooking and baking needs. Whether your an expert or a beginner in the kitchen. Fagor America offers a wide selection of cooking appliances which include but are not limited to juicers, 3 In 1 Multi Cookers, slow cookers and Halogen Tabletop Ovens.

Throughout the last few years I've had the pleasure of working with Fagor America and I've always been highly impressed with the quality of the products offered. Today, I'm going to share with you my thoughts on the  Fagor Halogen Tabletop Oven. This versatile and efficient appliance not only grills but boils, bakes, steams and roast while saving energy. 

It's perfect for small kitchen spaces and is recommended for recreational vehicles, boats and even dorm rooms. For those who love entertaining it even creates additional oven space. It's not only easy to use but it's simple to operate and clean. With a glass bowl you can monitor food while it cooks and the bowl can easily be washed by hand and is dishwasher safe!

This system cooks 50% faster and is up to 75% more energy efficient than a conventional oven. We cooked a chicken and it was so moist and mouthwatering. Try the Fagor Halogen Table Top Oven for your next get together and I'll guarantee you and your guest will
be impressed.

© Everything Changes I received a free product to help facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and unbiased. For more information please see my disclosure policy located in the PR section of this site.