Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I See Me! Personalized Children's Gifts: Who Loves Me? Review!

Written in a melodious rhyme, with whimsical illustrations, and very colorful photos, Who Loves Me? is a book that names various family members and close friends that love your child. It encourages the child to reach to the sky when asked 'how much" someone loves him or her. This is a hardcover book with 20 tear-free pages. It's filled with reassurance that the child is loved "so much" by each person mentioned.

I See Me books have become very popular gifts among celebrities and they certainly love all the feedback they have received. Celebrities such as Brooke Shields, Courtney Cox,  Jessica Alba and Marley Shelton rave about I See Me!

When I received the personalized book for Aiden I was beyond impressed it was an excellent gift and I was delighted to find a company with exceptional customer service that paid attention to each and every detail. Every time I read this book to Aiden he'd make cute little noises and smile and hoot and holler. We currently live an hour away from my dad and step mom and Nicks parents and two hours away from my mother. I love that I have the opportunity to read this to my son each and every night before bed to give him that positive reassurance of the love that's out there and the people who miss him!
(Enjoying his book!)