Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sound Oasis S 650 Sound Therapy System: Review

Being a new mom I will do anything and everything to ensure a good night's sleep. Ever since my son was born I have felt deprived of sleep and very needy of coffee and caffeine to survive an average day. The past eight months have been somewhat insomnia filled yet worth it every time I see my little boy smile.

Recently, I had the opportunity to review the Sound Oasis S 650 Sound Therapy System from SoundMachineReview.com.  Of course, I was a little hesitant and skeptical on believing this system would actually work. Opening the package I noticed how easy it was to put everything together and to get it plugged in (can be used with batteries as well). This system came with two memory cards and each had 12 different sounds on them.

The system creates a very soothing atmosphere that blocks out irritating noises. After one night I found myself falling asleep easier and faster, sleeping deeper, having more memorable dreams, and sleeping a little big longer. Not only will this system help you sleep it also has an alarm to wake you up. And if your significant other has an issue listening to the Sound Oasis you have the option of plugging your headphones into the jack.
You can also use this product during the day to enhance your concentration to be more alert and comfortable.