Sunday, June 7, 2015

LEGOLAND (California) Amusement Park and SeaLife Review.

We jumped in the car and headed towards Carlsbad, CA for some family fun time at the LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA. We've never been here before and Aiden's mentioned for quite some time that' he'd like to visit. When I received the official invite I was beyond thrilled and had to share the news with my Lego loving son. Aiden was ecstatic and couldn't wait if only this reaction were caught on video. I have to admit I was almost as excited as Aiden because I honestly had no idea what to expect. Once we entered the park's entrance, I knew we were going to have a great day!

I've heard from other moms and bloggers that LEGOLAND is dirty and not as nice as Disneyland. We expected something similar to a fair or carnival. However, once the day was done we realized
others were wrong and the park was clean. LEGOLAND has a few advantages when comparing it to Disney. The lines were not overwhelming and way shorter than Disney. LEGOLAND'S rides really didn't compare to Disney by any means. But, on the upside, we spent no longer than 15 minutes in line even at peak times. LEGOLAND also has lego's set up for children to play with while waiting in line which is super nice!

LEGOLAND is comprimised of (3) sections: The Amusement Park, The Sea Life Aquarium and the Water Park. The parks open from 10am-6pm which gives visitors enough time to cover the entire park in one day. I would highly recommend showing up around 9:00 or 9:30am to get tickets sorted out, take some photos etc... The rides open at 10am. Please note, during certain times of the year the hours may vary.

LEGOLAND does not allow outside food or drinks per their policy. I was a bit nervous as park food tends to bit a bit expensive. I always pack food at these types of places and I was nervous about packing bags of food and having to toss it all out at the gate. We brought a few bottles off water and snacks. And security did not enforce this rule which saved a few extra dollars for souvenirs. The park has some great places which serves a variety of food choices.

 SEALIFE Aquarium:

Don't take this the wrong way and I don't intend to be a big grump. I was not impressed by any means with the aquarium.  It was rather small and didn't have much to view. It was definitely worth walking through and I wouldn't recommend spending the extra money to go to Sea Life. At the end of the exhibit kids had the opportunity to touch a few marine life creatures. Aiden absolutely loved this!

When we travel back out to California in the future I'm sure we will visit again. I'm not disappointed in the trip at all. If I lived closer I'd surely get season passes to go -- mostly for the apple fries and the relaxing water park. I truly hope this helps in deciding on your next travel adventure to LEGOLAND.

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