Sunday, June 7, 2015

Medieval Times: Dinner & Tournament (Buena Park, CA) Review.

 Medieval Times goes into action as soon as you enter the castle doors and pumps up the adrenaline and excitement for the show to come. They've prepared for a fantastic trip to the past in which you will be greeted as royalty and a colored crown will be assigned with a section to sit at to cheer on your Knight. The environment, energy, people, food, lights and colors transport you into a world of make believe.

Prior to dinner being served your Knight will appear in-front of your seating area and the show will begin and continue throughout dinner and desert.  The food portions were beyond phenomenal and a vegetarian menu's offered. The only let down I noticed would be the desert. And if you are lucky, you may catch a carnation which is thrown into the crowd by the knight(s).

 Yes, it's a little pricey and a bit commercialized. But, it's a great time for the family and you can find deals  and special offers online.

Our group was impressed with the actual show and the horse riding skills were beyond amazing! The food was served at a good pace and the souvenirs made great mementos. This was an exciting and extremely fun night for our family and we would love to take part in another show in the near future!

Medieval Times
Address: 7662 Beach Blvd, 
                Buena Park, CA 90620
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