Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saving the earth one bee at a time (Bee Free Honee Review)

There are so many types of bees but only one makes honey, the Honey Bee. Honey Bee's use pollen for food and they are the most efficient pollinators. It's a very sad fact that Honey Bee's may soon become extinct. If this were to happen it could take a drastic toll on our food supply! Some say this is an ecological crisis that threatens to bring global agriculture to a standstill. Did you know Honey Bee's are responsible for over 90 crops?

Honey Bee's pollinate apples, berries, cucumbers, nuts, cabbages and even cotton. Studies show that bees are dying in the millions. If bee colonies continue to decline at the current rate we will struggle to put food on the table and clothes on our backs.

Colony collapse disorder (CCD) is a phenomenon which worker beers abruptly disappear. The cause or causes of this syndrome are not yet fully understood. Considering they are responsible for over one third of the United State's crops it's something we need to address.

I was recently introduced to Bee-Free HONEE which is a unique sweetener with a slight tart flavor. In all reality this is an "applehoney" which is produced from apples rather than bees! Three all natural ingredients are used to make Bee-Free HONEE: apples, pure cane sugar, and lemon juice. You will not find anything artificial and no added color or corn syrup.

Bee Free Honee is great for:
  • Vegans

  • Small Children, as there is no fear of Botulism

  • Those allergic to traditional honey

  • Foodies looking for a new flavor

Bee-Free HONEE has a great taste and it's an amazing product for our Eco system. It can be used in BBQ sauces, hot and cold beverages, vinaigrette's, granola, cakes, breads and basically anything you would use honey in.