Tuesday, April 19, 2011

KushyFoot: The secret's in the socks! (Review)

As every other typical female out their I have a love hate relationship with my heels. I love my heels, and I wouldn't give up wearing them for anything or anyone. However, after wearing them for a long duration of time I have to give my feet a break from time to time.

Kushyfoot offered to send me a few items to review. The Kushyfoot Foot Covers were made to provide padding that massages the balls of your feet while you walk to relieve tension and fatigue. When your viewing the Foot Covers you will notice that the padding resembles the padding from the cup of your bra sewn into a lace sock.

How clever is that? After trying this product I would have to say I am honestly impressed with how well my feet felt. I would highly recommend Kushyfoot for those who love heels! You won't regret it spending the $10.47!