Tuesday, April 5, 2011

eebees adventures clean-up time book review

Reading is a big part in every child's life it's a great way to learn and an awesome way to spend quality time with your child. Recently, I was introduced to eebee's adventures clean-up time by Every Baby Company.

This book is geared towards children 6 months and older and it retails for $6.95. It teaches children how to clean-up messes after playing. The main character eebee show's the children how to clean up and he's also so adorable. This book has different races and male and female children playing. I love how it's so diverse.

I really liked how the pages could be opened and pulled shut to find the other portion of the story. It's very repetitive in nature and that's a great thing for little kids. The colors are also bright and eye catching.

(Showing the books pages how they open)

I would definitely recommend this book and this company. I am happy to give eebees adventures clean-up time 5 out of 5 stars!! Check them out!!