Monday, March 28, 2011

The Snug Around from Anaya Papaya Review!

Anaya Papaya® is a company focused on creating practical, inspiring, and stylish products for parents and babies. It is our hope to enhance your experiences in life through our creations. Have fun and enjoy the precious moments of parenting.

Anaya Papaya created the perfect product to keep your baby warm. It can be used for most strollers and baby wearing devices. Over the weekend Aiden became I'll with bronchitis and of course I wanted to keep the cold wind off his face and to keep him as warm and content as possible when taking him outside. The Snug Around worked perfectly over his car seat and when we needed to use our stroller to transport him to and from the doctors offices.

Covering a baby with a blanket seems easy. However, blankets slip. Your constantly adjusting them to cover the child. When I heard about this I instantly contacting Anaya Papaya (Guru Amrit) right away to see if I could possibly review it. Of course, she offered to let Aiden and I review it and we only had to pay shipping.

The Snug Around is simple to use. It's packaged in a small baggie that can be kept in the baby carrier or dangled from the stroller. It is also water and wind resistant. This is an item all mothers should try especially those that live in chillier areas.

The Snug Around is:

★Designed by a mother, inspired by love.
★Adjustable to fit Snug Around™ as your baby grows.
★Wind and waterproof outer-shell. Soft 100% Cotton inner shell.
★Fits over popular carrier brands like Ergo®, Boba®, Beco®, Bjorn® and more.
★Multi-functional as a carrier blanket, stroller blanket and nursing cover.
★Two front pockets for storage and extra snuggling.
★Conveniently packaged to fit in a day bag or tie to a carrier.
★Simple design for both Mom and Dad to enjoy.

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