Monday, March 28, 2011

My feet know what heaven feels like.. Product Review!

In general, it's a little difficult to write a review on a bath mat. However, this bath mat is totally different than your regular run down dirty bath mat you step on every day. The Microdry bath mat is the bath mat of the future. It's made of memory foam and it cushions your feet and absorbs water. It's a luxury item for the bathroom.

When I take a shower I love to feel relaxed and the one part of my body that always seems to get neglected is my feet. That's never going to happen again as long as I own the Microdry bath mat. You wouldn't even imagine how soft this bath mat is. Try it once and you'll agree. It's so cushy.

The bathmat is also machine washable and dry-able. Which makes it very convenient. If you are looking for a comfortable bath mat which dries rather quickly and is easy to care for I would highly recommend the Microdry Ultimate Luxury Memory Foam Bath Mat at Bed Bath and Beyond. Your feet and your feet will thank you for your purchase!