Friday, March 18, 2011

Kidorable Rainwear -- Frog!

When you see the name Kidorable you can rest assured you are getting exactly that. The cutest and most creative kid's attire that you have ever seen.

Kidorable gave me the opportunity to test a few items from the website. After scouring the site for a good half an hour I was able to make the decision to try the 'Frog' design. Aiden's still a little small for the boots, coat, and raincoat. However, he was able to use the Frog Towel. I can't wait for him to grow into the boots and coat and it will be adorable to see him hold the umbrella!

The Frog Towel retails for $33.00 and it is super absorbent. It is available in two sizes: newborn to two years and ages three to six. The Frog Towel is super adorable and is made from a soft cotton. I love how vibrant the color is. The towel actually has four little frog 'legs' in each corner that wrap around your child. It's 'adorable' and can be purchased at Kidorable!

The Frog Rain Boots can be worn for indoor play or outdoor fun. They are
sure to make a splash! They are more than boots -- they are puddle magnets.
And they make a wonderful gift. The Frog Rain Boots are made of natural rubber.
They come in size 5 through size 3. And they are available for $29.00.
The boots will truly make an impression and your little one will love to wear
these. I wish I could own a pair for myself! They are also very adorable!

The Frog Umbrella is for all seasons and can be purchased for $13.50. Kidorable transformed your regular umbrella into an imagine tent. It's made from 100% nylon and it's made for younger children. You will receive lots of compliments on this umbrella it's so unique and creative!

The Frog Rain Coat completes the outfit and makes your child seem so adorable and irresistibly eye-catching. The Frog Rain Coat is stylish, and only cost $36.00.It's from from PVC and is super comfortable. It's also lined with polyester and is available in sizes 12-18month, 2T, 3T, 4T, 4/5, 5/6 and 6/6X. When you purchase a coat you will receive a complimentary Kidorable hanger for free!

Kidorable also offers: Ballerina Style, Space Hero, Butterfly Style, Dinosaur Style, Fairy Style, Fireman Style, Ladybug Style, Lotus Style, Lucky Cat Style, Mermaid Style and Pirate Style. You will surely find something that you are unable to resist!