Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I LOVE my new vinyl wall decal from Trading Phrases. It took a little bit of time and patience to put up, and the bathroom wasn't the easiest place to work with or in considering it's so small and the walls have an edgy texture! I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment when I finally finished the project. Trading Phrases has a variety of wall decals for every room in your house or office. You can choose from 3,000 different designs such as: animals, ceiling art, borders, photo trees, and you can customize your own design.

Vinyl wall decals are pretty rockin' they are becoming very popular as well considering they won't ruin your walls or your paint and they can
easy be removed. And for the price it can change the look of your room!

Item: BA011 Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful
Size: 30 x 20
Color: Ivory 05