Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I was accepted to become a VIP Purex Insider and being an insider I'm able to try products to review. Purex sent me a sample of the Purex Crystals Softener for review. They were also generous and sent me a free coupon for a full size bottle. Personally, I've never used Purex and after my first use I realized I may have to consider changing brands.

Seriously, Purex Crystals Softener works fabulously. Nick works construction and his clothes always have a weird 'scent' to them that I just can't get out. With Purex Crystals the scent was gone. Let just say I am highly impressed with this product as it creates a long lasting freshness and tons of scent!! Purex Crystals Soften is available for purchase in three scents.

Consider Purex Crystals Softener on your next trip to the grocery store!