Monday, March 21, 2011

I have a shoe fetish..

Once you walk into my house you'll enter my porch. First thing you'll notice would be my gigantic collection of gladiators, heels, boots and so on. I stumbled upon Swappeez a few days ago and it was love at first sight!

(Taken from Swappeez)

It all started a few years ago with two sisters...

While packing for vacation two sisters were faced with a lack of space. Not ones to compromise on style, they came up with the idea that would allow them to take an infinite quantity of sandals without the "not-enough-space" hassle and for very little cost.They called it Swappeez.

The result is a series of fun and colorful interchangeable straps, buckles and accessories that could be designed to match whatever you feel like wearing, be it formal or beachwear, all in an original, versatile and practical way.This new concept introduced by two young spirited and fun Lebanese sisters has taken the fashion world by surprise for a million reasons (all of which are sandals!).

This altogether new concept makes each woman her own sandal designer, allowing her to make her own personalized sandals by mixing and matching sandal soles, laces and accessories to suit her taste or what she is wearing.

At the heart of every pair of Swappeez Sandals is originality, versatility and practicality. Swappeez was conceived with the quintessential modern woman in mind, allowing her to express her fashionable self with a choice of colors and accessories while giving her limitless possibilities to design her own sandals without taking up precious space and, more importantly, at fantastic and affordable prices.

These are one of the most comfortable pairs of sandals I own. And they are so stylish! Swappeez lets you "design" your look by giving you all the parts to assemble the sandal to make it suit your needs. You could tone it down or tone it up to match your mood or the occasion. They are incredibly beautiful and fun to change. Let alone, they come in a very sturdy carrying case! Ladies this is the accessory you can't live without!