Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A clean healthy nose.. Nozin Nasal Sanatizer

The Nozin Nasal Sanitizer product is a natural, long-acting antiseptic for your nose. The nose can be a particularly vulnerable to potential germs. Not only is it highly effective, it moisturizes and smells pleasant. Good hygiene is well known as an excellent way to stay healthy. This product can last up to 8 hours to fight infections at the skin of the nose.

Why should I use NOZIN®?

1. The nose is the gateway to the respiratory system.
2. NOZIN® products are designed to help maintain a healthy nose.
3. NOZIN® products are natural and science backed.

Germs that cause Upper Respiratory Infections can invade your body through your nose, as well as, your eyes and mouth. Since we breath through our noses and we occasionally scratch it this makes the nose a very vulnerable spot. An average person touches there noses 100 times a day.

Many doctors and health professionals are recommending NOZIN Nasal Sanitizers as part of their patients regular hygiene. NOZIN ampules are super easy to use! You hold the ampule upside down and squeeze until the inner tube pops. This reminds me of a few teeth whitening experiences.. You can swab your nose four times a day and it's safe for children under 12 years of age. I'm excited to try this once cold and flu season roles around again. I'll load up on a bunch of boxes, so, that my family hopefully wont get sick.