Friday, February 10, 2017

The Ninja® Coffee Bar has some fancy updates! #Review @NinjaKitchen

This mom runs on coffee and a day without coffee is a day without sanity. In America, most coffee drinkers start their mornings with an auto-drip coffee at home or a quick trip to their nearest Starbucks. Over a year ago, I was introduced to the brand Ninja®. Yes, I was one of those mom's who pulled up to Starbucks gave them my order and forked over $5.00 every single morning.  With that being said, I was spending over $100.00 a month on my addiction. I call it an addiction as it something that truly gets me through the days. Without coffee their is no 'Misty'. OK, maybe that is a little drastic. I am sure you get the point. 

Through my seven plus years of blogging I have worked with numerous brands and one my favorites so far would be Ninja®. Ninja® not only gives me my daily dose of pep in my step but keeps me on my toes as I patiently wait for the next big hit to be unveiled.  Whether it be a blender, crock pot or coffee maker I am always excited to be one of the first to try it out and to voice my opinion.

Last season, I shared my excitement about the Ninja® Coffee Bar #CF080 and this season I am thrilled to introduce my readers to the updated Ninja® Coffee Bar #CF092. With all the best features of the original Coffee Bar and a few more including a built-in frother, and a new, Ninja® exclusive brew setting, Cafe Forte.  

To summarize what you get with the Ninja Coffee Bar System
  • 10-Cup (50 oz.) Glass Carafe.
  • 10-Cup (50 oz.) Ninja Over Ice Carafe (optional accessory)
  • Built-In Frother.
  • 20-Recipe Inspiration Guide.
  • Ninja Smart Scoop.
  • Ninja XL Hot & Cold® 22 oz. Multi-Serve Tumbler.
  • Permanent Reusable Filter.
  • Removable Water Reservoir.
The updated Ninja® Coffee Bar really blows my mind and it's appeal overall is eye catching and lets just put this out their it is pretty fancy looking!  The new Ninja® Coffee Bar System is a better than a coffee house experience, at home, that you can’t get anywhere else. I compared the older and updated Ninja® Coffee Bar systems side by side and the features. Below you can view some photos to compare "apples to apples". 

 Looking at both systems you can definitely notice the updates from the older Ninja® Coffee Bar vs the updated version. Ninja® also added a few other features: an area in the back to wrap the cord and an area on the side of the machine to attach the coffee scoop. Let's just say, I won't lose the scoop any longer. And I'm thrilled about this feature! Check it out for yourself:

Thank you so much Ninja® for working with Everything Changes and adding some awesome features to the already super cool  Ninja® Coffee Bar!

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