Monday, November 14, 2016

L-Shaped Pillow that helps prevent and alleviate back pain? thesnuggl!


Providing side sleepers with ideal alignment of the spine, the snuggL’s innovative design reduces strain on the lower back, while its proprietary blend of micro gel fibers adapts to the body’s specific needs, providing the ultimate in support and comfort 

Today, the snuggL launches an industry-first, doctor-designed whole body pillow, providing the ultimate in support and comfort for an optimal night’s sleep. Constructed in a unique and oversized L-shape, the snuggL provides side sleepers, which is 69% of consumers, with the ideal alignment of the hips, pelvis and spine, reducing strain on the lower back. 

Founded by father and son duo, Dr. Carl Cricco, Jr. and his son Carl, the snuggL came about as a practical and effective solution to a family problem – Dr. Cricco’s lifelong back pain. After seeing several doctors, he always received the same advice: sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs to align your spine, which will take pressure off of your lower back and alleviate back pain. Leading medical and health institutions like the National Sleep Foundation and Mayo Clinic have issued similar findings, however, Dr. Cricco’s pain continued to persist because he would either lose the leg pillow while sleeping or experience uneven alignment created by two separate pillows; so as a doctor himself, he set out to find a solution with help from his son.

“I had an idea to make a single unit, full-body pillow with consistent density to support the head while also being able to wrap your legs around it, creating the ideal sleep posture,” said Dr. Cricco, the snuggL designer and co-founder. “I needed help in making this vision a reality so recruited my son to source materials and find partners.  After a year of researching and testing variations in size, material, insulation and firmness we created an effective, comfortable and relaxing pillow that has alleviated my back pain and we’re thrilled to share it with the masses.”

Retailing at $75, inclusive of the pillowcase, the snuggL is composed of a proprietary blend of hypoallergenic micro gel fibers that adapt to one’s body movement and allow air circulation, preventing overheating, ensuring a snug sleep experience. The snuggL pillowcase is 100% 300 thread count cotton with a zipper for easy fit and removal and retails for $25; the pillow and pillowcase are machine-washable and dryable, and come with a 30-day risk-free trial, promising free returns and a full refund, so consumers can test out the pillow without any hesitations.

About the snuggL Company LLC
The snuggL Company LLC is the industry’s first doctor-designed, whole body pillow that provides ideal alignment for the hips, pelvis and spine, alleviating back pain and stiffness, ensuring the ultimate in support and comfort. Constructed in a unique and oversized L-shape, the snuggL is composed of a proprietary blend of hypoallergenic micro gel fibers that adapts to one’s body movement. Retailing at $75, the snuggL comes with a 30-day risk-free trial and is sold on and Amazon.

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