Monday, November 14, 2016

Chloraseptic®, the #1 sore throat relief brands ready to combat all those pesky germs this holiday season.

Get ready because cold weather will be here soon and there’s nothing worse than being sick during the holidays. Fortunately, for those of us under the weather, there’s Chloraseptic®, the #1 sore throat relief brand that provides fast-acting relief for sore throats and mouth pain. The broad portfolio of products include lozenges and sprays, offering relief based on your preferences and needs.

Need help combating those pesky germs this holiday season? Check out the below tips and tricks from Chloraseptic’s own expert Maria M. Mantione, Associate Clinical Professor at St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Health Services.

1.       Stay Home - The holidays mean parties and gatherings – and many people attend even when they are sick. Do your best to avoid others who are sick – and if you have a cold, stay home!
2.       Get Some Fresh Air - Ventilate as best you can if the weather allows it. During the winter months, we are more likely to stay indoors. When weather permits, open up your windows and let some fresh air in!
3.       Be Prepared - Have Chloraseptic® throat lozenges on hand when you travel. The air on airplanes is very dry – which can cause a sore, scratchy throat. Chloraseptic® lozenges are a great way to keep your throat feeling great.
4.       Rest Up - Many people drink more alcohol around the holidays – and that can worsen the quality of your sleep. Being well rested is a great way to prevent colds from making you sick so doesn’t over indulge!
5.       Sanitize Everything - Wash your hands and wipe down surfaces that many people touch – like keyboards, doorknobs, telephones, elevator buttons, etc. Use hand sanitizer – but only if you can’t wash with soap and water. Hand sanitizer doesn’t get rid of all types of viruses – washing is best!