Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jelly Belly BeanBoozled 4th Edition (Spoiled Milk / Dead Fish) #Review

Are you up for a dare? Then you’re in luck, because today Jelly Belly announced their new 4th Edition BeanBoozled flavors…

The BeanBoozled 4th Edition, the newest iteration in the wildly popular BeanBoozled game, introduces two new flavor pairings to the mix: Dead Fish, and its lookalike Strawberry Banana Smoothie, and Spoiled Milk with its identical partner Coconut. 

If you are not familiar with BeanBoozled, the “game” contains 20 flavors of jelly beans: 10 have weird and wild flavors that look identical to 10 classic and delicious flavors. Think you can tell which jelly bean is Caramel Corn and which is Moldy Cheese? What about Peach and Barf? Give them a try and you’ll know soon enough!

The 4th Edition will be on shelves this spring. The new flavor combinations will be a part of the full BeanBoozled line, including the BeanBoozled Mystery Bean Dispenser, a Grab & Go® Bag, Flip-Top Box, Spinner Gift Box, and the JUMBO Gift Box.

 Jelly Bellly's BeanBoozled 4th Edition was a fun and interesting activity for both myself and son to enjoy together. I would highly recommend picking up a container or two for your next family event or night in with your little ones.