Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Stylish Solution for Moms: The Boppy® Infinity Nursing Scarf.

The key to successfully breastfeeding in public is picking the right things to wear. When it comes to clothing nursing mothers have unique needs. The Boppy Company recognizes that fashion for moms should be stylish and modern, but also functional and affordable. The Boppy® Infinity Nursing Scarf with the innovative peek panel™ can be worn as a fashionable accessory and also provide full coverage for discreet breastfeeding.
The Boppy® Infinity Nursing Scarf is the perfect gift for any mom who breastfeeds. It’s a versatile scarf that can be used for everyday wear or as a nursing cover-up. The Boppy® Infinity Nursing Scarf has a patent-pending design featuring a peek panel™ mesh that allows mom and baby to share eye contact during the intimate moment of breastfeeding and also helps baby stay cool during summer feeding sessions. Equipped with an adjustable strap moms can modify the scarf to ensure a perfect fit.
Lightweight, and ultra-soft, breastfeeding on the go no longer has to be a hassle. With the Boppy® Infinity Nursing Scarf simply unwrap, adjust strap and nurse!
• Full coverage –Guarantees privacy for mom and baby.
• Peek Panel™ –Mom and baby can lock eyes during breastfeeding bonding moments.
• Adjustable strap –Ensures a comfortable fit for mom and baby.
• Versatile –Use for nursing or as an everyday scarf.
• Machine washable –Throw it in the wash for an easy clean.
The Boppy® Infinity Nursing Scarf will be available online in mid-July at and and in-store at Babies”R”Us in mid-August. The scarf will retail for $24.99.
About The Boppy Company
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