Monday, June 27, 2016

A Summer Must-Have: Bendable Sunglasses for Babies and Kids!

Most parents say that sunscreen is a must for their kids when it comes to playing outdoorsbut did you know that sunglasses are just as important? Pediatric optometrists are warning that lifetime UV damage starts in early childhood, with retinal damage from the sun having its greatest impact in kids less than 10 years old.  Parents can protect those delicate eyes with the coolest Italian-made baby and children’s sunglasses by family owned and operated ro•sham•bo baby.

ro•sham•bo baby shades are a beach and poolside must-have!  Even celebrities like Jamie King and Reese Witherspoon are fans of these high quality sunglasses for little people!

Designed specifically for babies and children’s use, abuse and love of putting things in their mouths, ro•sham•bo baby sunglasses are so durable that they can be bent, stretched, pulled, stepped on (they have even been run over and survived!) and bounce right back to shape; even a thirty year old man can’t break them!

ro•sham•bo shades come in baby, junior and adult sizes and prices start at $20 a pair. Their fun designs are adorably named after ’90s icons - there’s even a “Kelly Kapowski pink” and a “Zack Morris blue!”

Safety and quality are ro•sham•bo baby’s top concern so the shades and reusable packaging have been laboratory certified as BPA and phthalate free. Even the ro•sham•bo baby logo is molded into the design to avoid unnecessary paint. Check out the durability test video hereBesides amazing durability, these shades:
·   block 100% of UVA/B rays
·   have a shatter resistant lens and are small parts tested, so safe for babies
·   have full lens and damage replacement is guaranteed if lens or frames break or get damaged
·   give a percentage of proceeds to Autism Research!
·   are made in Italy