Friday, February 19, 2016

IFME childrens footwear can now be purchased in the US! #Review #Sponsored

IFME, a popular Japanese brand recently launched their popular Children's Footwear in the United States. Released originally in Japan in 1999, IFME U.S. it's first spring collection in American in early 2016. The brand was established based on the research and development with medical professionals specializing in pediatric podiatry. Having sold over 16 million pairs of shoes globally. This brand will soon grow even larger with the release in the U.S. market. IFME, short for 'IF it was ME," reflects the brand's deep commitment to customer satisfaction.

IFME offers unique features and design elements that support a child's foot movement and help muscles exert to their full potential. An increasing number of children suffer from flat fee and IFME hopes to change this by developing a unique functional insole that allows the toes to splay and advances healthy arch development. On top of this feature, the brand IFME utilizes a unique technology called MOFF. Or "Marvelous Odor Free Fiber". MOFF absorbs 150 times as much ammonia odor as activated charcoal and at 20 times the speed.

My five year old son is active in sports and it's extremely important to find a good pair of sneakers.
I prefer for them to be comfortable, stylish, durable and of course, affordable. With shoes for babies,
toddlers and little kids this brand is affordable and practical for growing feet.

My son, loves shoes. He's like his mom! Once he noticed the IFME shoe box he got excited and opened it. He begged to wear them around the house and when I asked him what he thought. He simply said, "Love them" with a cute smile. The special design conforms to the contours of his foot. They even come with pre-tied colored laces, so you don't have to worry about them coming undone. The Velcro straps help fasten the shoes making them a smidgen tighter to get just the right fit ever time.

With a wide variety of styles and colors for both boys and girls your little one will 'love them' too!
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