Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gardein: faux (fake) meat review.

A lot has changed in past few years, as a blogger who loves food but wants to stay healthy my curiosity killed me and I had to contact Gardein. Gardein offers a wide variety of vegan fake meat products also known as imitation meat or faux meat. Vegan meat products have definitely evolved and became a very flavorful and high-quality option for those who crave meat but are opposed to eating it.

I'm absolutely in love with Gardein's chicken products and I'm not alone. Everyone from Oprah, Ellen and even TMZ's Harvey Levin are creating a buzz about this brand. Being a skeptic, my view of fake meat changed once I took my first bite of Gardein's chicken fingers. I couldn't believe how similar it looked to real chicken and surprisingly it tasted like chicken. I ventured a little further and tried a few other products such as the chicken strips and beef-less tips. The beef-less tips weren't my favorite but the teryiyaki chicken strips were pretty delicious and looked fabulous over a bowl of rice.

The only downside I found is it can be a bit expensive for vegan food. Ranging from $4-6 for a bag this isn't the cheapest option. However, I noticed Gardein has won an award for there crispy tenders if that allows any bragging rights. For those like myself who are venturing into vegan-ism and eating healthier I'd definitely recommend trying Gardein's frozen chicken products and build your own opinion on being vegan.

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