Saturday, March 2, 2013 Color changing clothing #review

 Growing up as a kid of the 80's I can remember how cool color changing shirts were and how everyone wanted one. Heck, I still want one today but they seem to be rather hard to find. Del Sol's is located in Utah and was established in 1994. Since 1994 they have opened over 100 stores worldwide in 23 countries. And as of today they are the number one merchant of color-changing
apparel and accessories. In the 70's and 80's NASA explored the concepts of color changing technologies for its space program. Del Sol decided to further develop the technology and expanded it by engineering its own proprietary Spectrachrom color-changing crystals.

I was extremely shocked when I discovered this company by stumbling upon their website. I immediately contacted Del Sol and was informed they'd be as ecstatic to offer a review and giveaway. With the explosive Spectrachrome crystal technology clothing comes to life much like a flower which blossoms in the sun's rays. With a wide variety of apparel and accessories I'm sure you will find something that you immediately fall in love with.

Products I love!!!

After receiving my shipment I am craving for more! I am in love with the designs and the technology itself. The only negative about the clothing I reviewed would be the sizing.
The size chart was rather difficult to understand and I over-estimated with my first batch of items to review.

 Here's an example of the size chart:

On a side note, Del Sol donates more than a million dollars worth of products and aid to the victims of the Haitian earthquake, the South East Asia Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. Not to mention a few hundred other projects around the world.

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