Sunday, September 23, 2012

Compass B570 Pathway Booster Car Seat - Elegance (#Review & #Giveaway)

The First Years offered to send a Compass B570 Pathway Booster Car Seat for review and will generously send one for the giveaway. How fabulous is this? 

Ready to move to a belt-positioning booster? Our boosters will deliver many miles of happy driving and one of the most comfortable rides ever! The full line of The First Years Belt Positioning Boosters has been awarded the highest ease of use rating, five stars, from the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA).
When purchasing a new car-seat or booster seat it's definitely recommended to do your research. Many moms and dads rely on reviews as safety's a big concern for their little one's. I remember purchasing my first infant car seat and how much time I spent online reading reviews and inquiring with other mothers.

Being a traveler I love taking random road trips and with the Compass B570 Pathway Booster Carseat this will all be a simpler as the booster seat easily folds up. I like that even though you use the regular seat belt, it still attaches with the latch system into the car. Aiden loved the double cup holders (one on each side) and he kept saying 'VROOM!' He must of thought his new booster seat was a race car? Aiden's only two years old and he will have to wait until he's three to properly use this booster seat. He's perfect on the weight requirements but a smidge shorter than other kids his age. Although, he's shorter I found it pretty simple to make the adjustments to find the perfect position for my son.
Ever worry that the seat-belt is not positioned correctly when you buckle your little one in for the ride? With the new Pathway Booster Seat, those worries should disappear.

This new booster from The First Years allows you the flexibility to adjust the shoulder belt path up to 1.5″ so your child will be comfortable and secure each and every time. And the lap belt positioning has been adjusted for a more comfortable and better fit. This is our most innovative seat to date!

The self-adjusting back means you should have no issues with installation in any back seat. When the seat is not in use, the lower anchor attachments keep it secure–an added safety benefit for all of your passengers. No more worries about forgetting to secure the seat with your vehicle’s seat belt.
The Pathway headrest has been developed to control your child’s head in the event of a crash. The deep headrest and contoured shape will help contain and control your child’s head on impact. Side-impact testing is standard for all of The First Years’ seats; we side-impact test to.
  The features of the Pathway B570 are:
Received a five-star "Ease of Use" government rating from NHTSA
Color-coded adjustable shoulder belt path for better fit  
Color-coded lap belt positioning for a better fit 
Latch attachments for secure installation when not in use 
Deeper headrest for better head containment 
Two removable cupholders for easy cleaning 
Self-adjusting seat back for better installation 
Six-position adjustable "no gap" back 
Taller belt path to accommodate larger children 
Patented easy, one-hand fold 
Built-in carry handle 
Deep side wing protection 
Side-impact tested to international standards 
Narrow bottom rails for better installation in smaller cars 
For use with children 30-100 lbs. (3-10 years old)  
Weight 9 lbs.     

I highly recommend this car seat and can't wait to see if other color options are available in the near future.

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