Friday, June 1, 2012

He loves, he works, he earns..Lucky Love Club Review!

For only $16.95 pick up your own Lucky Love Club Tee from! 

These adorable tee's are available in the following sayings:
"He loves, He Sorts, He folds."
"He Loves, He Grills, He Sautes'."
"He Loves, He Wipes, He Powders."
"He Loves, He Dusts, He Cleans."
"He Loves, He Works, He Earns."

Personally, I loved the "He Loves, He Works, He Earns." Who wants a dead-beat man? Not this girl! The t-shirts are hilarious and will start a conversation. If not, pick new friends. I can see myself wearing this out for dinner and drinks with my girlfriends. I can imagine the laughter, the jokes, and the stories.. Please note, this run of shirts is a little snug. Darcee's currently re-ordering and they should fit true to size with the next batch.

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Now it’s time to get down to giveaway time!
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