Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why pay for a gym membership? In home workouts!

Natures provided you with everything you need to get into shape. It's bogus how people spend $20.00  and up on a monthly basis plus membership fees to join a gym. Not only are you wasting money you are wasting your precious time. Working out at home or nearby doesn't require the use of your car/gas/transportation and you can start as soon as you wake up in the morning. You can even do it when your kids are around. No need for a sitter, perfect huh?  And I'm living proof. Over the last six weeks I have dropped nearly twenty pounds and I can proudly and honestly admit that I never stepped for in a gym. I used the environment around me. My house, my neighborhood and what not. Here are a few tips / ideas.

Run/Walk/Jog = You can do this indoors. My downstairs approximately 500 sq. ft. You can also go on walks. Start with 15/20 minutes and work your way up to 30/60 minutes. Go slow and speed up. Then go slow again. Teasing your heart works wonders.

Weights: if you wish to buy some start off with 5 pounds and work your way up to 10/20 pounds. I believe it's not the amount of weight it's the repetitions.You can also take milks jugs and fill them with water if you are on a budget.

Calories: everyone's different and everyone has different needs. Try to get around 1,200 calories.
If you work out drink water prior and then drink a protein shake/meal replacement shake afterwards. Checkout: My Fitness Pal!

In home exercise ideas:

(Wall squats)
 (Push ups)

(Lifting light weights/curls/arms)
(Leg raises)

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