Thursday, November 17, 2011

HearthSong: the perfect one stop shop for holiday gifts for any age of child.

Girls love baby dolls so why is it such a no-no for boys to have one as well? They teach children how to nurture and promote the act of caring for another. My sons father stuck his nose up in the air when I informed him his son would be receiving a baby boy doll. He's a big guy who believes in being macho and from what I've seen he's not the best caregiver or partner. That may be why were no longer together. Maybe, his mother should of given him a baby doll.

Ok, back to my topic. I've searched high and low online and offline to find  a baby boy doll for my son, Aiden. Finally, after searching and almost giving up I had the opportunity to review the Carolle Les Classiques collection baby boy doll. The Corolle Les Classiques collection offers a boy and a girl version of the adorable 14-inch baby doll that can suck it's thumb and or a pacifier. My sons never been a pacifier sucker and it was honestly very cute seeing him put the pacifier in the dolls mouth and back to his own mouth. The doll had an incredibly realistic smell to it like  a newborn child.

HearthSong offers a wide variety of toys that will surely make the perfect gift for the child in your life
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