Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Agent Orange: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

My stepmother started a blog a few days ago regarding my father and his life and struggles after serving during the Vietnam War. He not only has night fears -- he has acted out during his sleep. As a young girl he's told me stories but kept to himself pretty much. Of course, I always wanted to know more and was always curious. Growing up he shared a few of his reels from Vietnam and boy did it look like the men and women who served had a bit of fun. However, I could see the pain in his eyes and the anger in his voice.

My fathers currently coming down with a handful of symptoms that are believed to be related to Agent Orange and his health has deteriorated over the last five years. Giving birth to my son last year I dread the day my father leaves me -- but I am thankful for the moments I have with him and the photos my son will be able to cherish.

My father, Virgil will be 60 years in December and he's currently on a mission to find a few brothers (friends) that he served with. If you have any information or can help please leave a comment on my blog or e-mail me. You can also contact my step mom via her blog. He's wanting to have a conversation with James Hatchett who was from Texas and Ed Trudell. These men are most likely between the ages of 55 and 64 (give or take a few years).