Friday, May 20, 2011

What's a DAME to do?! Review!

What's a DAME to do?! May be on of the BEST Girls' Night's Game EVER! It's an award-winning, hillarious must-have party game for women of all ages and it only cost $24.99. This game can be played with as little as two players and up to 8 players ages 18+. It's perfect for girls' nights, baby/bridal showers, family parties and all girly get-togethers!

I had the opportunity to get a few lady friends together for a wine and game night this past weekend. First of all, it was a blast to be with my girls again! Being a new mom it's hard to see them as often as I wish and many of them are married with kids or working on their careers. Having wine and a game night ended up being a great success!

First off, you must have a little humor to play this game as you will need to guess how the other players would react to 'dame dilemmas.' For example: You see an EX at the grocery store two aisles away and you are NOT looking your best, what's a DAME to do?! With a handful of cards you then select which Reaction Card will fit the bill. Would you yell Fire? Have a little Chat? Pray? Then you have to choose who picked the closest answer to what you would do in that situation.

This game was a riot! You would think you would know your friends and what they would do. However, once you listen to their response you may laugh a few times! This game is for new and old friends and it allows everyone to easily mesh together for an evening of fun!

If your in need of a night out with the girls or a night in - you should order this game.