Thursday, May 26, 2011

U by Kotex for Tweens! Review

We've all had to sit down and receive "The Talk". And it seems even harder to do this for your own daughter. Many moms envision this and know it's something that has to happen but they dread the day they have to do it. The "period talk' is generally pretty overwhelming for moms. Especially when they have to sit their little 8 year old down and inform them about their changing body and growing up. However, this talk is especially important due to the earlier onset of puberty.

They say four out of five moms feel unprepared to talk to their daughter about these changes. U by Kotex helps moms feel empowered to pick a day to talk to her daughter before her first period. This talk not only helps the little girl feel guided it builds trust and a bond between mom and child.

U by Kotex Tween has a variety of products that are extensively designed specifically for tween girls (8-12 years) that have a sparkly and fun package. This products is specifically designed for tween's and the pads are somewhat smaller to fit a tween's body. Not only have they made this product to suit a tween they also offer an online group where girls can exchange stories with others around the world to learn more about periods and puberty.

They can even ask questions at In addition, they also have mom, gynecologist and life coach, Dr. Lissa Rankin, available to discuss more tips on how to talk to tween's.

16 count pads $4.18/US  and $4.53/Canada
Combo Pack (12 pads/12 liners) $4.18/US  and $4.53/Canada

 U by Kotex has created an arsenal of tools and tips, available at, that will help empower moms to proactively talk to their tween daughters about these subjects. Which will hopefully reduce the stress and anxiety around the conversation.