Wednesday, May 25, 2011 buying glasses online made easy!

What does being healthy mean to you? Does it mean eating the right foods? Going for regular check ups? Perhaps it's exercising. What about your vision? Does that factor into you being healthy? If it doesn't, it should. Around 60% of adults need something like eyeglasses or contacts to correct their vision. Crazy, right? Well, even crazier is how long people hold off before buying eyeglasses.
Does that sound familiar? Are you one of the people who waits forever to buy new glasses? If so, why do you wait so long? Is it because of the cost? Well, if it is - stop waiting. is the solution. Not only can you purchase designer frames at a discount (and, yes, they're real), you can also select a pair of their private label frames for less than you spend on dinner for two! A lot of their frames start at $38.00 and they include standard, single vision lenses - a cleaning cloth and carrying case. Seriously, we spend more than that on shoes!
You're probably thinking "why would I buy glasses online?" or "you get what you pay for, right?" Well, what you get is a pair of high quality glasses and superior lenses. It's better than you get at the doctor's office but for less. Buying glasses online is really easy - especially when you use their Try-It virtual mirror. You can "try on" the glasses, then send the pictures to your friends and ask for their advice on your upcoming choice of frame! How easy is that?
So, what else do you need to buy glasses online? A recent copy of your glasses prescription. It's helpful if your doctor includes the pupil distance (PD) in the prescription as well. Another thing you might want to take with you is coupons! Right now, you can save even more!
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