Sunday, April 3, 2011

When to buy merchandise.. best times of the year.

January: bedding, carpeting, computers, cookware, linens, swimwear, toys, treadmills, winter clothing

humidifiers, indoor furniture, treadmills and exercise equipment

March: digital cameras, humidifiers, all kinds of electronics, Winter coats and sporting gear

computers, digital cameras, lawn mowers

May: athletic clothing and shoes, carpeting, cordless phones, lawn mowers, small electronics

June: camcorders, carpeting, computers, indoor furniture, swimwear

July: camcorders, indoor and outdoor furniture, swimwear

August: air conditioners, backpacks, dehumidifiers, lawn mowers, outdoor furniture, snow blowers

September: bikes, digital cameras, gas grills, lawn mowers, shrubs, trees, and perennials, small electronics, snow blowers

October: bikes, computers, digital cameras, gas grills, lawn mowers, and winter coats

November: baby products, bikes, camcorders, gas grills, toys, TVs

December: bikes, camcorders, gas grills, home appliances, toys, TVs