Sunday, March 13, 2011

"WONDER DRYER BALLS" benefits include:
  • 1. Energy savings because of reduced drying time.2. Ironing alternatives. (See instructions below).
  • 3. Reduced wrinkles.
  • 4. Reduced static cling on all natural fiber fabrics (i.e. less friction between clothing).
  • 5. Softening for your laundry.
  • 6. Removal of extra lint particles. (Really works great ! ! !)
  • 7. Non-toxic for use around small children and pets.
  • 8. Hypo-allergenic for skin sensitive people.
  • 9. Colorfast on all fabrics.
  • 10. Non-perfumed.
  • 12. Buy the best. Do not be mislead with cheap imitations
Recently, I had the opportunity to test the Wonder Ball Complete Laundry System which includes two dryer balls and one wonder ball. Of course as always I was skeptical considering Mystic Wonders Inc claims to be able to clean clothes without the use of detergent through the process of physics. It also states that you will not need to use laundry detergent for three years using the laundry ball.

Having an infant I always have laundry to do. So immediately once I received the package I had to try it. The ball is made out of a PVC/Vinyl blend. When I shook it I heard liquid inside of it, which the website states is an "enhanced mineral blend" which helps to create an energy field within the ball. This allows the water molecules to best clean the fibers of your clothes. It sounded to good to be true.

Prior to using the ball the instructions state to clean the washing machine by placing the ball inside and running a full cycle without any clothes. I did as the instructions stated then I filled the washing machine with a load of colored clothes. When the load finishes I smelled my clothes and surprisingly they smelled fresh! Then I placed the clothes in the dryer--without laundry sheets-- and tossed in the dryer balls. The buzzer went off alerting me the clothes were done drying. The clothes felt just as soft and smelled amazingly fresh as they always do. Impressive!

After a few uses it seemed the clothes weren't as fresh or didn't have as much 'scent' as the first load. However, they still smelled pretty good and clean. I will continue to use this and if anything changes I will certainly update you! This is saving me lots of money considering I won't need to purchase detergent.

The dryer balls worked as described and it seemed the clothes dried a lot faster and I didn't have to use laundry sheets!

To purchase: Visit the Mystic Wonders Inc website. The Complete Laundry System can be purchased for $49.95. It includes one laundry ball and two dryer balls.