Friday, March 4, 2011

Put a smile on your face..

Smiley Cookie sent me one dozen of their Original Smiley Cookies. They arrived beautifully packaged in a white box that had a bunch of smiley faces (cookies) on it. Inside the box the cookies were sealed in a plastic container to lock in the freshness. Nick and I couldn't wait to taste the cookies. They put a smile on our face and definitely made our tummy's hungry.

The cookies tasted as delicious as they looked. They had a very light layer of white icing that just melted as it touched my mouth. They tasted as if someone just baked them. The cookies were very fresh which was impressive as they were shipped to me!

Visit Smiley Cookie to purchase a dozen of Original Smiley Cookies, just like those I reviewed for $11.99. Other cookies range in price from $10.99-$12.99. Shipping is just $5.99 for your entire order! You can even design your own cookies, starting at just $12.99 per dozen! This option allows you to choose a base icing color and Smiley face color.