Sunday, March 6, 2011

Physician endorsed, ergonomically correct and hospital-approved Judy's Bottle Holder gives you the ability and freedom of safely feeding your baby with one arm while having the opportunity to perform other tasks.

Judy's Bottle Holder is available in five color combination's. It's adjustable and is fairly easy to use. Of course, I was a bit skeptical at first. And it took me a few tries to perfect the bottle holder to get it positioned right. Once the holder and my child were in position correctly Judy's Bottle Holder did indeed work.

Bottle propping has a range of effects on the baby. It can harm them physically and mentally. Propping a babies bottle can lead to ear infections, tooth decay and choking. You can purchase Judy's Bottle holder for $9.50 online: click here!

With practice and more use I am sure this will become easier to use. And something that will be beneficial saving me time. This product has been tested for 12 years and it also received the 'Best Product' award from Orca Communications.

It makes a good gift as it's reasonably priced.

For more information on how to safely bottle feed your baby or the risks of bottle propping, check out the links provided below:

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