Monday, March 28, 2011

Liz Lovely Product Review: Chocoholic Sampler

No only are they huge, vegan and decadent they are also handmade by vegans with a social mission. Ever since I had the opportunity to sample these cookies I have been salivating wanting more. It's insane, I had to hide the Chocoholic Sampler pack in the back of the freezer! I love to support vegan companies and Liz Lovely will have you hooked after the first bite.

These 'Artisan Cookies' are gorgeous and so darn delicious it's a sin. Liz Lovely offers several sampler packages and in each you will have 4 packs of cookies (8 cookies 4 flavors) to try. The sampler can be purchased for $18.95 and it's shipped in an adorable pink brown or white box. You will have the opportunity during checkout to specify the color that you prefer.