Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Light the fire: Eden Fantasys Review

I've had the pleasure working with Eden Fantasys over the past month. Recently, I was contacted asking for a review again and I was thrilled to give you a little information regarding their website and some items you may wish to purchase.
Candles have been my thing lately. I love the smell, I love the comfort and
I love the way they warm up a room. Eden Fantasys has several candles to
do just this. They also have 'special candles' with pheromones and for other purposes!
You can turn your bathroom into a romantic shrine with the Floating hearts by Bell-A-Roma candles. The package includes six floating heart-shaped candles. And you can choose from 4 gentle colors: pink, red, blue, and purple. This set is great for creating that sensuous look you admire or the gentle atmosphere to set the mood for love-making! Priced at $7.99 this is a great deal! And they burn for 2 full hours! Can you say fun?

If your looking for candles to light up your room or to light up your love life check out Eden Fantasys!