Monday, March 21, 2011

Leslie Patricelli: Potty and Tubby review!

The moment I opened my package for the review I fell in love with the art-work.
Leslie Patricelli has several versions of the board book which are short, simple
and have subjects that you and your children can relate to.

Leslie Patricelli offered to send me her newest board books from her collection. Tubby and Potty. Both of these books have a baby who's adorably cute, with an over-sized head, and wears diapers.

Tubby's a very easy read. It teaches a child about nightly bath routine. The pages are very vibrant and animated. I love how it has both parents involved
in the routine.

Potty is a book that will aid children in learning to use the big potty. It is a great book for children to read even at a younger age. The pages are artistic and impressively realistic.

You can find the newest board books online and at your local bookstore. If you have never read Leslie Patricelli’s books, here are the other’s you should look for as well.

* Baby HAPPY Baby SAD
* BIG Little
* Binky
* The Birthday Box
* Blankie
* Higher! Higher!
* No No Yes Yes
* Quiet LOUD
* Yummy YUCKY

I would definitely recommend Leslie's line of books for new moms and moms with children. Leslie's also on Facebook.