Sunday, March 6, 2011

KRMA offers clothing for men, women and kids. I was asked to review the Silver Slippers and Black Indian Boots. The Silver Slippers and Indian Boots are geared more towards little girls. However, I did love the quality of the materials used. KRma clothing is a high-end, street-fashion boutique label. Anyone with style and a desire for top quality garments will adore this clothing line that's made in the USA!

The Metallic Silver Slippers are made from 100% leather. The leather was incredibly soft to the touch. And the slippers were made with excellent craftsmanship. They are currently available for $49.00. And can be purchased from size 0 to 24 months.

The Black Indian Boots
also fit from sizes 0-24 and they are available for $49.00. You wouldn't believe the leather used on these as I previously stated the slippers were soft and so are the boots.

If you haven't checked out KRMA you need to!