Monday, March 7, 2011

The Brady Bunch..

Here's a little background information on my upbringing and my family. My father is a Vietnam Veteran and met my mother while he was on leave. They fell in the love at first site and he asked her to marry him that exact day. They traveled to Virginia to a military base and got married. Mom always wanted to have a child of her own and for some weird reason they were not able to bear children. My dad brought up the idea to adopt. And of course, if he was going to adopt he wanted to help a child that had medical issues and such.

Five years into dads relationship with my mom they finally got there son, Jim. Jim has MR and he has horrible hearing that requires hearing aides. He's always had issues waking up and usually has trouble just understanding who he's speaking to if he's not directly looking at your lips.

I was offered the chance to review an item that could help my brother. The Sonic Alert 2.0 retails for $54.95. It's not only an alarm clock it's an AM/FM radio with an added 'Super Shaker.' This product has a 113 db extra-loud alarm plus an SS12V Super Shaker bed vibrating unit. It can also has a hi/low dimmer switch. And the display is easy to read and view. Sonic Alert also offers a one year warranty on this product.

This weekend I took the product down to my brothers to allow him to try it. I stayed the night and the next morning he woke up and told me he had no issues and it really 'shook.' Jim, can't have any excuses for being late from now on. This product works perfectly and it's awesome this company works for the deaf!

Feel free to visit and take a look at all the wonderful products. I would give this product a 5 out of 5 stars!