Wednesday, March 9, 2011

KidWinks: Created by a speech pathologist, an arth therapist and a music therapist!

That's correct. Kidwinks was developed to increase your child's awareness to words and language, Kidwinks Farm DVD ($14.95) is a wonderful speech therapy DVD for young children. The video last twenty minutes and it will certainly stimulate your child's mind and help encourage healthy speaking habits. Kidwinks works by repeating words and phrases. They use a lot of sign language and visual images to keep your child's imagination engaged.

This DVD was pretty interesting, education and entertaining for Aiden. He had fun sitting in front of the TV (which isn't generally encouraged in our house) learning. I love that this video was created by a speech pathologist, an art therapist, and a music therapist. How awesome is that? It's education-- that's for sure!