Thursday, March 3, 2011

Giving Kids a Happily Ever After

Fairytale Wishes Inc. offered to send Aiden and I the Sweet Dreams Spray. The Sweet Dreams Spray has the scent of lavender and it has tons of tiny sparkles that shimmer in the light when you spray it. The Sweet Dreams Spray soothes the child due to the lavender and promotes positive sleeping and dreams.

Fairytale Wishes Inc. created three other scents.

The MONSTER REPELLENT SPRAY helps scare the monsters away as they are known to be 'scared' of bubblegum. It's said that monsters hate when bubblegum gets into their fur and tentacles. They state this can be used anywhere a monster may lurk.

Fairtale Wishes Inc. also created the SUPER HERO SPRAY which has an energetic scent that gives the child a little extra courage. For example, this can be used when he or she goes to the doctor or for the first day of school. This scent is said to give a child courage for the entire day.

And last but not least the HAPPY CAMPER SPRAY is made for children that are leaving home and going to camp. It has a grape jelly scent. The sweet scent will help make them less homesick and they can spray it on their pillow when they need a little dose of 'home.'

I love the 'hand-written' card that is included with every order. The card is written and signed by Freddy the frog. It educates the kid of the power of the spray and wishes him or her sweet dreams! This product is also featured at the Oprah Store. and it received a 2010 seal of excellence!

I would give the company 'Fairtale Wishes Inc.' five out of five stars!