Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Clean your tongue!!! OraBrush review...

For some reason we ignore our tongues and that's where the bad breath lurks.
Orabrush not only removes bad breath it makes your tongue look clean and kissable.

(After one use)

OraBrush is an innovated tongue cleaner that actually works. I've tried tooth brushes with tongue scrappers attached and other brands of tongue scrappers before. And I am convinced the OraBrush worked the best and felt the best against my tongue. Usually, I cringe when the other brands touched my tongue. OraBrush felt soft and natural against my tongue.

You can also try OraBrush for free --just pay shipping. You will love it! And
I'm already hooked!

Up to 90% of bad breath comes directly from the tongue and everyone has some shape or form of bad breath. Solobacterium Moorei causes bad breath. I bet you didn't know that!

There are many tongue cleaners on the market and I've probably tried a dozen. OraBrush is the only one that seemed to deep clean into the soft crevices of my tongue to pull out the bad-breath causing bacteria aka the white residue.
OraBrush is a brush and scraper. It has individual, soft pointed, flexible bristles
that clean out the small indentations on the soft surfaces on the tongue. The bristles loosen the bacteria and the bacterial waste, and the scraper removes the material from the mouth.