Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spit up.. gassy and very fussy!

For the first 3.5 months of my sons life he was terribly fussy and gassy. He would also spit up or shall I say projectile vomit across the room. My life was a living hell. During a mom's group I was introduced to the brand DR. Browns. Later on that evening I went to Walmart to pick up a three pack of bottles. Within 24 hours I noticed Aiden wasn't as gassy or as fussy as he previously was. After two days his spitting up stopped entirely.

This bottles worth a try if you have a young child who has issue's such as my son. The downside of this bottle would be the cost which is usually around $13-15 for a three pack. Also, the tube and the filter are a little harder than a conventional or standard bottle to clean.

You can purchase this bottle in the small or large size and in glass or plastic. The glass bottle chipped at the top so I no longer use it. However, the plastic bottles are still being used on a daily basis.