Thursday, February 24, 2011

Disposable diapers vs Cloth Diapers?

What's best for your baby and the environment?

The decision whether to use disposable or cloth diapers is one of the biggest ones you’ll make when welcoming your baby into the world. And it’s not always an easy one. Your choice impacts your baby’s health and comfort, as well as your finances and the environment.

Some startling facts about disposable diapers:

  • * Around 20 billion disposable diapers are thrown into US landfills per year. Most of the materials are non-biodegradable.

  • * Babies can pull apart disposables and put the materials in their mouth. This can expose them to the chemicals and dyes, and poses the threat of choking.

  • * Dyes used have been linked to damage of the liver, kidneys and central nervous system.

  • * Diaper rash was not as common when cloth diapers were the only option.