Monday, February 28, 2011

A company with a mission: Farofa Nation

Farofa Nation is a company that is socially conscious and helps in Brasil.

Farofa Nation was kind and sent a beautiful t-shirt to me along with a sticker. Personally, I love companies that have a mission and help others. Farofa Nation works with the organization (TASK BRASIL.) They share a common belief to help the kids on the street to become citizens of the world by showing them responsibility. They give these children the opportunity to make something of themselves and give them a chance at having a successful future.

Farofa Nation donates 10% of each t-shirt sold to (TASK BRASIL.)

For more information on Task Brasil:

They work with the clothing line American Apparel to manufacture there t-shirts. American Apparel's a socially conscious company. When you receive the shirt you will notice how soft it is and that it does not have a tag. However, the information regarding the shirt is printed on the inside. You will also notice how vibrant the color is. This shirt seems true to size and it's something I would proudly wear.

Please check out Farofa Nation. And tell your friends about this great company. Also, use promotional code MISTY for 30% off your order. This is valid until April 1rst, 2011.

Farofa Nation would receive 5 out of 5 stars! Rock on!