Thursday, May 13, 2010

Review of ''

Recently, I received an e-mail to review a well-known website:
As I sat down with the little ones there eyes lit up looking at all the variety of products this company has to offer. Personally, the first impression won me over due to the fact that shipping was free for orders over $65.00.

Diggin a little deeper into there website I found they have a fantastic layout. Not only can you search by Toys by Age. You are able to search by 'featured categories' and 'grown and learn series.'

My 'babies' kept asking me if they could have several items for upcoming birthdays and what not's. Thankfully, the website allows customers to add items to there wishlist. The wishlist is a priority for a mother on the run or a mother of multiple children. You are able to add items to review at a later date instead of writing item numbers down.

Another incredible advantage of this website has to deal with the expert advice it offers. You can receive advice from experts in the following fields: Expert advice:
Clinical Psychologist, Speech-Language Pathologist, Physical Therapist, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, and Behavior and Parent Training. If your not into looking for advice but reading about specific issues you may want to check out the developmental articles.

With a new baby on the way I'll be checking out all the baby toys. pretty much received an A- for me. The only downside to this website was it's return policy. The policy currently states: 'eBeanstalk is happy to replace a gift with another selection, issue a gift certificate or refund the credit card used for its purchase within 30 days.' The timeframe should be longer from my opinion. Especially, for items that are un-opened and that you may have forgot about.