Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New Portable Stool “SitGo” Provides Mobile Folks With Seating On The Go @Sitgoseat #HolidayGiftGuide

A product that provides "seating on the go" may sound a bit like a contradiction, but the SitGo portable stool is indeed an ideal simple seat alternative for active folks. SitGo is a retractable, single leg stool that allows users to rest while standing, yet be mobile in a moment. It is a newfound sitting solution for places where traditional seating might not be available.

With its telescoping capability and lightweight design, the SitGo can be deployed quickly and easily to help users rest while standing anytime, anywhere. When a chair or bench is not available and the ground is not an option, the small footprint of the SitGo is a great new option. The SitGo can be used in multiple scenarios: at sporting events; concerts; theme parks; at bus, train or subway waiting areas; in long, slow moving shopping checkout lines and much more.

The SitGo is a strong, reliable resting solution that can hold up to 300 lbs. It compacts to about the size of a water bottle allowing it to be placed in a backpack, bag, purse, briefcase, stroller or even attached to a hip.  SitGo offers not only convenience but comfort too. The innovative design can help relieve back pain, as well as feet and leg pain caused by standing for long periods of time.  It can be adjusted to accommodate a standing position or lowered to relieve more pr essure from the legs.

"I originally came up with the design when I passed road construction workers directing traffic," says SitGo Inventor and company President John Webb. "I wondered how I could design a way for them to rest a bit while standing and help take some weight off their legs."

Webb says from there SitGo evolved into a design that could be used anywhere...an always-available resting option.

The SitGo sells for $29.95 and is available at: https://www.SitGo.com/